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Roll mouse over to flash subliminal message.
10-6-2010  Nathan Bell

    Subliminal Message
    Uncovered on Cartoon
    Network Show
    "Unnatural History"
    Promo Flyer.

    In this unsettling promo from cartoon network, there is more than just a few oddly placed phallus shapes.
    It turns out after just a quick glance I found a subliminal sex that was readily visible to the naked eye. I was
    able it point it out to the others around and everyone could see it in just a few seconds. The X is the most
    visible of the letters in this example. It's shaded into the sky in a slightly darker shade, the next to it is
    a capitalized E and the S is the most difficult to see, because the top of it has a 3D element to it, that makes
    it visible at different angles.

    I have a negative of the image here, it's
    It's fairly easy to see the embedded SEX
    in this image. If you roll over the image with
    your mouse, you will see the top of the S
    is much more visible now. If you happen to
    already be an expert at seeing subliminals,
    than try and see the steer skull that has
    been embedded "behind" the word SEX.
    I will give you a hint, the point of the top
    left of the E and the top right of the X are the
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